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Anna Jo Ritchie and Madison Leigh Marten have known each other for 20+ years.

It has always been a dream of theirs to start a company together, and thus jo leigh marketing, LLC was born.

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I’m a problem-solver who is agile in multiple work environments. I love being creative and traveling!

Anna Ritchie

Hey there! I studied marketing and management at the Sam Walton College of Business. From starting several small successful businesses through target audience research to 2+ years of digital marketing and social media management work experience, I am well versed in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. My passion for graphic design, storytelling, creativity, and small businesses led to starting this company. We create the perfect team of front and back end creation, great work ethic, and self-starter attitudes.

Specializes in:

Hubspot SEO Certified

Growth-Driven Design Certified

Google Digital Marketing Certified

HubSpot Social Media Marketing Certified

Madison Marten

Hello! I studied business analytics and blockchain enterprise at the Sam Walton College of Business. After graduating Cum Laude, I worked as a contractor for a small business designing and developing their website, and then went on a 3 month solo backpacking trip across Europe! Like Anna, I have always enjoyed graphic design and with my Information Systems degree, I learned to enjoy the backend of many systems as well. Having grown up together, Anna and I work so well together and make a great team!

Specializes in:


Business Analytics

Hubspot SEO Certified

Project Planning
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I am an analytically minded person who loves to solve problems! I also love traveling and scuba diving.