Is SEO Worth It for Small Businesses?

Wait, what is SEO again?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves designing certain aspects of the website and tailoring ongoing efforts specifically in a way Google, or any other search engine, will understand and digest more efficiently. Ongoing SEO is crucial in actively and organically ranking your website higher.

TL;DR – SEO is good for Google. And your small business. We talk all about it in our guide here.

This advice comes from personal and professional experiences! And if you don’t know who we are… Hey! 

Anna and Madison here with jo + leigh marketing. We help service-based small biz owners like you avoid getting caught in the vicious cycle of wasting resources on underperforming digital marketing efforts by filling in the gaps of their online presence with result-driven web design, SEO, & advertising so you can get back to running your business! 

Small business search engine optimization>>

If you have a small business, having a dated, underperforming website is simply not enough these days in the vast & ever-changing landscape of Search Engines. Not only should your site be visually appealing and mobile responsive, but the backbones & structure of the website should also be sound.

Having your dream client or customer organically find you online is not something that happens overnight. Consistently working at your SEO, expanding into social media, and possibly paying for search ads are all ways to buff out your marketing plan and online presence.

SEO is a crucial step for small business owners, so now let’s get into some specifics.

sEO advice for small businesses

A good SEO plan for small business owners includes things like:

  • Keyword research for all website content and blogs
  • On-page SEO structure
  • Local SEO listings

It’s important to put attention and effort into each of these sections, not just one. You cannot expect results overnight, we always say SEO is “the long game”. However, with time and consistency across these domains, you will see SEO results pay off. And although the investment of time and resources might be high at the start, once they pick up some steam, they will carry on with much less maintenance in the future.


The biggest piece of advice we have in regard to how SEO can help small businesses grow is to not feel intimidated, even if this all feels outside your norm. It is possible to DIY your own SEO given an investment of time & effort!

why is search engine optimization important to a business?

SEO curates your online presence in a useful way for search engines to find and deliver your content; Good SEO also helps with user experience by enhancing clarity and prioritization in the content you have online.

These points are crucial to a small business to get in front of your intended audience. 

If you have a visually appealing website and super helpful blogs and resources, but nobody is being served your results from their search, then you are missing out on some great organic traffic and potential sales. This is why SEO is important to a business. Don’t waste your time creating content if no one’s going to see it!

Why local SEO is important for small business

DIY SEO: A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Business Owners - Cover Photo

Local SEO is a great way for service-based and location-based small businesses to get in front of their ideal clients. Think of a Google My Business profile, for example, it hosts all the important info a potential client might need (hours, phone #, service list, updates, link to website, etc.) while showing the trusted rave reviews of your business!

Looking for more Google tools to improve your business’s digital marketing? Read more here.

small business SEO tips

There are no shortcuts for good SEO, but there’s also no pressure to have a perfect strategy that you must follow to see any progress. We think of it more as – if you have a good SEO plan, follow our guide for the important steps, and make progress when & where you can – then you are doing SEO right! Your small business can grow online to new heights by implementing these ideas and strategies. The best thing you can do is take action – take your online performance into your own hands!

  • Search keywords into the search engine you will be attempting to rank in
  • Ensure every website page’s on-page SEO is optimized
  • Confirm any external links on website are secure, live, and trusted sources
  • Optimize your website for mobile and tablet viewing
  • Compress images as necessary
  • Check your domain trust and authority score
  • Create profiles on any local listing directory you can find
  • Create document for metric, keyword, and SEO tracking

Speaking of DIY SEO...

We just created the *perfect* SEO resource for small businesses! ‘DIY SEO’ is the small business guide to creating a sustainable SEO strategy. This resource includes:

  • Learn the ways of DIY’ing your way through SEO!
  • 5 Chapters to walk you through all you need to know about SEO
  • Fun examples to illustrate practical takeaways
  • Full printable checklist included

Full of information that’s actually helpful and applicable, this guide is exactly what you need! It’s time to embark on your small business SEO journey today.

Oh, and to answer the main question – YES, SEO is absolutely worth it for small businesses!

Keep creative friends!
– Anna Jo & Madison Leigh

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