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Our building block marketing method develops the complete framework for your small business marketing strategy. 

We developed this unique plan here at jo + leigh marketing to increase your business’s credibility, online visibility and drive results.

How do we build your online presence from the bottom up?

There are 4 key steps:

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Step 1: Website Design

But wait… why is a website is so important?​

As a website design company, we *might* be a little biased. But yes, you need a custom website designed specifically for you and your business goals!

Think of it like a pyramid, where the base is the custom website created by us here at jo + leigh marketing. This is your foundation to the rest of your digital presence. Here are a few of our key highlights of why a website is so important:

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Showcasing what services you offer, 24/7, to your future clients 

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Generate revenue and grow your business by showing your optimized website first to those in your area

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Websites answer FAQ’s, provide contact info, and increase your credibility

why jo + leigh?

Anyone can create a website, but not everyone can create a growth-driven, results-generating website. 

what does a jo leigh marketing website entail?

Google Keywords

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We spend time every month analyzing and tweaking words and phrases to ensure peak performance



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We have experience creating sites that Google’s algorithm recognizes, prefers, and ranks highly through Search Engine Optimization

Goal Specific

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We know the services you want to perform more and will highlight them to your ideal target audience

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Step 2: Google integration and SEO​

This step is increasingly more important as 91.56% of people use Google as their search engine. We create your Google My Business page, add your domain to Google Search Console, link our SEO tools to Google Analytics and more to ensure the best, most efficient connection with Google.

Our SEO tools also allow us to optimize keywords and metaphrases, and we do so with your specific business goals in mind.

Step 3: Social Media

Our experience in social media marketing allows us to give professional and helpful advice and consultation on content creation, and we walk through account set ups and recommendations for your small business goals. This is a great, inexpensive way to introduce your company into the industry and market your product or services. 

View our past work to see our social media portfolio.

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Step 4: Paid Advertising

The foundation of your digital presence, a.k.a. your website, and second and third layers a.k.a. SEO and social media presence, all constitute as organic marketing, meaning free.

The next step is inorganic marketing, or paid advertising. Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads can boost your business by reaching a larger audience. We work to find a marketing budget that will be successful and works for you!

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